SCA Coffee Skills Program

What is it? The SCAE Coffee Diploma is an internationally recognized diploma issued by SCAE Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. It is a complete, uniform European education system that aims to meet the training needs of coffee professionals. It is a controlled and certified system, whose curriculum has been written and will be updated continuously by the best professionals in the coffee industry. It allows industry professionals to take part in a training program based on courses and certifications, divided into several categories with assignment and accumulation of credits for each level being dealt with and exceeded. The coffee diploma is obtained by passing exams related to different modules related to the coffee world. Exceeding these trials entitles you to training credits, when you reach 100 training credits you get the DIPLOMA SCAE. 

How does it work? Certifications are based on both technical knowledge and practical evidence. The trip to the Coffee world, from seed to cup, is divided into several modules, which in turn are divided into three levels. 

The central pillars of the coffee diploma: 

- TRAINING COURSE Each course follows an organized program, written by industry experts, outlining the course structure, specific learning objectives and mandatory content to follow. Each program includes a series of recommended readings for teachers and students. Courses can be attended by anyone (professionals or simply enthusiasts) and programs can be downloaded from

- CERTIFICATION AND SUPERVISION OF EXAMINATIONS Certifications in any discipline can only be issued by a qualified and recognized AUTORISED SCAE TRAINER (AST). 
Each level of certification successfully completed will allow the student to earn the assigned credits and an official SCAE certificate attesting that result. Written and practical exams for all issues, will be updated regularly and will be checked and released directly by SCAE Europe.
Points attributed: 
Exceeding the Base level entitles you to 5 points any of the certified forms
Exceeding the Intermediate level gives you 10 points whatever the certified form. 
Exceeding the Professional Level entitles you to 25 points regardless of the certified form. 
Once you have reached 100 points, the COFFEE DIPLOMA will be awarded.  

All program documentation will only be available online at 
Changes to any program will be agreed and audited by HQ and online documents will be updated accordingly. 
SCAE HQ will send a certificate for each certification at each level. 
The award ceremony for the Coffee Diploma will be held once a year to honor those who have reached 100 credits. 

SCAE regularly carries out AUTORISED AST Trainer seminars for those wishing to certify individual categories. 
AUTORISED AST Trainer will be calibrated and recertified every 2 years or they will lose their right to certify. 
The themes: 
- Coffee Introduction 
- Barista Skills 
- Green Coffee 
- Roasting 
- Sensory & Cup Tasting 
- Grinding & Brewing