Barista Skills - Coffee Course


Intermediate Coffee course aims to provide an adequate and detailed knowledge of the world of coffee, from botany to the cup, with particular attention to the technical, managerial and economic aspects of coffee world. The mission is to be able to manage the extraction of espresso with the professional equipment available and serve a product always optimal and constant 


To understand in particular the characteristics of Arabica and Canephora (robusta) and to recognize the sensory differences according to the origin and the processing

Organization of work area to work best, amortizing costs

Grinding, dose and pressing, management grinder on demand, understanding the ideal grinding and evaluating the chemical/physical aspect on ground coffee

In the preparation of the espresso understand its solubility and create the ideal recipe.

Know the equipment, their cleaning and maintenance, solving the problems that may arise during the service

Know the milk and understand the properties that allow the emulsion, the effect of heat on the milk, technique of mounting

Milk pouring techniques

Latte Art

Preparation of other coffee/milk-based beverages (latte macchiato, Marocchino, flat white etc.)

Customer Service: Orders, preparation and service of a product

Cleaning and hygiene

Know the equipment, their cleaning and maintenance to always guarantee to the customer the highest quality

To know: Duration: 16 hours (incl Final examination SCA)

Timetable: 9.00-13.00, lunch break, 14.00-18.00

Provided teaching material (pen, block)

Professional equipment available

Handouts of course

Participants who are interested in the SCA certification must register on the SCA website (http://scae.com/log-in-join-us) through their SCA credentials (e-mail and password) or by creating a learner Account

The certification (if exceeded) is 10 SCA points. 

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued

Barista Skills - Coffee Course

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