Professional training courses for baristas and bartenders


Authorized SCA Trainers can certify all forms of the Coffee Diploma System


Professional equipment, Bar/beverage/catering consultancy, pre/post opening local advice


Local design, professional equipment, image and logo

9 Bar is...

A company operating for years in coffee and bartending with professionalism and competence thanks to his experts trainer.

9Bar Srl is the only professional training school that now boasts two AST trainer who joined the SCAE Coffee Diploma

Over the years, 9bar has developed this unique concept to provide a highly professional standard of service that meets the ever-increasing demands of the hospitality industry.

9bar has branched out over the years in order to support all its clients’ needs and today, we offer a wide range of services:

- Coffee & Bartending Training School
- Production and sales of professional equipment for the Beverage & Coffee Industry
- Planning and design for bar & coffee shop concept
- Study and research for the design of professional work tools and equipment.
- Consultancy services for beverage caterers
- Provision or hire of highly qualified staff
- Drinks catering and event organization
- Micro roastery

Andrea Lattuada

AST SCA Trainer from 2006

Mariano Semino

AST SCA Trainer from 2012

Our students