9bar Design


Bar & Clubs

Very often the design of a room does not reflect the image that we would like to communicate. The bar counters and the structure of the back bar do not meet the real service needs of the restaurant or of those who work there.

All this happens because they are usually designed and built by people who have no real experience related to the bar or vice versa have no design practice.

The architecture firm of 9bar, after multiple comparisons with a large number of customers, the know-how acquired and the use of the most advanced tools in the design field, can design bars or cafes taking care of functionality and design, recreating the most appropriate conditions to every need.

After assessing all the needs, the professionals of the 9bar will study the best solutions for the target of the local that you want to create and then the customer can choose their own bar among the different options that will be presented to him, but above all he can see it even before it is realized.

Visual identity

The personalized study of the logo and of the visual identity of the brand are a necessity to enter the market with a precise identity and personality. A professionally designed logo identifies the company and makes it creative and captivating is essential.

The 9bar will be able to elaborate for you with 3D rendering solutions, able to provide you with a coordinated communication, able to strengthen the company recognition, enhancing your strengths in a creative way, facilitating their positioning on the market.

In addition, thanks to its team of experts, you can provide accurate advice on visual merchandising of products, studying the best solutions to enhance the sale of your products and their communication in the store.

Professional tailor made equipment

9bar design will satisfy all the creative needs related to the creation of professional equipment suggesting the best solution according to your specific needs, making it for you.