Barista Skills - Coffee Course


Never as in this historical moment Italy and, in general all countries, are experiencing an extraordinary change in the world of coffee. Introduction to coffee course is an opportunity for all enthusiasts and professionals to understand the whole coffee chain that is hidden behind the cup. The course focuses on general topics that give the participant a totally new coffee world view, on the high quality side, promoted by the specialty coffee Association (SCA).


What are specialty coffees

History of COFFEE

Overview of coffee, from plant to fruit

Differences between Arabica and Canephora (robusta)

Methods of collection and processing


Learn to recognize flavors and tastes

Various extraction methods beyond the espresso

Common coffee-based drinks

To know:

Duration 4 hours (including final examination SCA)

Timetable: 9.00-13.00, with coffee break

Provided teaching material (pen, block)

Professional equipment available


Handouts of course

Participants who are interested in certification must register on SCA website (http://scae.com/log-in-join-us) through their SCA credentials (e-mail and password) or by creating a certificate learner 

The certification (if Exceeded) is 10 SCA points 

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued

Barista Skills - Coffee Course

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